SIA Industry

In 2018, SIA's industry relations team expanded its efforts to build partnerships and provide resources that enable more informed and effective deployments of security equipment.


In addition, SIA Industry Relations connected with end users in various vertical markets, as by delivering a presentation at the Energy, Utilities and Environment Conference, publishing an article in Natural Gas & Electricity and speaking at the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security Annual Conference. SIA strengthened its ties to and support for law enforcement by participating in an active shooter summit organized by the International Association of Chiefs and Police and Target and by sponsoring and presenting the Michael Shanahan Leadership in Public/Private Cooperation Award at the IACP Annual Conference.

Security Technology Insights and Security Market Indexinsights-2018

Finally, SIA continued its production of SIA Technology Insights, a semi-annual publication that features in-depth analyses of security technologies and trends written by industry leaders for an end-user audience.

The year saw the continuation of SIA's Security Market Index reports, a bi-monthly publication that provides market confidence and market conditions based on the surveying of SIA member companies. The report is provided to each SIA member, and complements the Investment Trends Committee's annual webinars on the industry's financial landscape.

Looking Forward

In 2018, SIA Industry Relations will focus on helping both members of the industry and security practitioners to manage the changes associated with emerging technologies in ways that will enhance safety and security. A key part of this will be the launch of the Autonomous Security Robots Working Group, which will provide resources on how best to deploy robotics and artificial intelligence in a security system.